All-Digital Orthodontic Practice

Macomb Orthodontics is truly a modern orthodontic practice. Our office features the latest in digital technology, which allows us to provide an efficient and comfortable orthodontic experience for our patients.

Computerized Charting

All our patient files are completely digital, which enables us to have access to our patients’ information simultaneously on our secure computer network in our office. This means that when you call for information about your child, we can provide you with that information within seconds, instead of having to “pull the chart” and put you on hold for minutes while we dig through mounds of paperwork.

Also, we can streamline processes such as patient checkout, to save you valuable time during your appointments at our office.

Biometric Patient Sign-In

We use a sophisticated digital finger scanner that checks you in to your appointment simultaneously across our computer network, and lets all areas of our practice know you have arrived for your appointment and are ready to be seated. No more privacy concerns with paper sign-in sheets of the past.

All-Digital Orthodontic Records

We can take your orthodontic records using digital photography, the ITero® digital intraoral scanner for digital study model fabrication, and Invisalign® impressions without gooey impressions of old, and digital X-rays that use lower radiation amounts than traditional film-based X-ray units. These records are immediately available to Dr. Bieszki for treatment planning, which streamlines the process of getting braces or Invisalign.

Digital Treatment Plan

Dr. Bieszki then studies the records, traces each cephalometric X-ray to determine the facial bone relationships and tooth positioning present pre-treatment, and comes up with a customized treatment plan for each patient that is typed in the patient’s chart, step by step, using all the extended training that an orthodontist undergoes to achieve the best result possible for the patient.