Expanders (commonly called “spacers”) are growth appliances that cause the jaw to grow in width. Growth is the operative word when it comes to expanders.

Dr. Bieszki likes to expand patients when they are young ( 7 to 9 years old is ideal) to allow for ideal skeletal growth at the maxillary (upper jaw) suture. As kids age, the suture that separates the top jaw starts to mature until it becomes fused once growth is complete.

Once fusion of the suture occurs, no more conventional expansion of the upper jaw can be completed without surgical intervention. The younger that you expand a patient, the more likely it is that you achieve desired bony change.

Did you know that it is common for patients who have had expanders to have increased airflow through the nasal passages? This is a nice side effect for a dentally necessary procedure.

It is important to note that Dr. Bieszki uses “expanders” in the lower jaw as well, but the lower jaw is composed on one bone that can’t technically be expanded skeletally. Lower jaw “expanders” are essentially “tooth tippers” that tip the teeth laterally to allow for maximum skeletal expansion on the upper jaw. Both upper and lower dental arches are widened simultaneously that way. 

Why Expand?

Expansion is one way to gain space in a crowded dental arch for erupted permanent teeth and unerupted permanent teeth that will emerge in the future.

Expansion is also used to correct crossbites in growing children. Finally, expansion is commonly used to create ideal dental archforms that result in balanced, broad smiles that our society finds attractive.  Dr. Bieszki transforms “V”-shaped arches into ideal “U”-shaped arches with expanders.

Types of Expanders

There are many types of expanders available on the orthodontic market. Dr. Bieszki uses the most common type of expansion mechanism used by orthodontists in the United States. His custom expander design is time-tested, accurate, gentle, safe, and easy for patients to get used to and function with on a daily basis.

Check out Dr. Bieszki’s Phase-One Expansion Smiles below  

Dr. Bieszki changes “V”-shaped arches to “U”-shaped arches with Expanders


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