Macomb Orthodontics

As a board-certified orthodontist, Dr. Mark Bieszki holds himself to the highest standards in smile design and bite correction. Every case that Dr. Bieszki starts is treated by him as a “board case” in his mind, so he seeks to meet the rigorous standard of care set forth by the American Board of Orthodontics as part of his goal in case completion.

Every case that Dr. Bieszki takes on is unique, and each patient receives a customized diagnosis and treatment plan that is organized from start to finish. Every bracket is hand placed by Dr. Bieszki as the architect and engineer of the “MO” smile. This level of organization and detail allows for accurate, efficient bite correction, and the gorgeous “MO” smile that is known in the greater Macomb community.

The cases below are examples of before and after patients that Dr. Bieszki started and finished at Macomb Orthodontics. While each case presented with a unique starting position, notice that the finishes are all technically excellent in finished bite correction and detailed alignment.

Although excellent bite correction and smooth function are extremely important to Dr. Bieszki and your general dentist, most patients are interested in aesthetic smile improvement: They want the smile of their dreams! The finished “MO” smile is balanced, symmetrical, and in harmony with the face.

The attention to detail is what makes the difference in final smile aesthetics and how a person’s smile is perceived once the braces are removed. Dr. Bieszki is a perfectionist and extremely detail-oriented, and has as a goal in every case to make that patient’s smile the best it can be. With a new “MO” smile as an asset, your future will be brighter and forever changed with the confidence that having it brings.

Crossbite and Crowding



High Canines and Crowding

High Canines

Overbite and Deep Bite

Severe Crowding and Underbite

Severe Crowding

Severe Overbite

Severe Underbite

Spacing and Deep Bite



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