Expanders or more commonly known as “spacers” are orthodontic appliances specifically for growth requirements in jaw width.

At Macomb Orthodontics, we believe it is best to expand patients when they are 7 to 9 years old as it allows ideal skeletal growth for the maxillary suture. As kids grow, the maxillary suture which separates the top jaw starts to mature until it is completely fused.

After the sutures fuse together, it is not possible to expand them with just conventional expanders. It requires surgical intervention to get desired results. The younger the patient is, the easier it is to achieve the required skeletal changes.

Dr. Bieszki also “expands” the lower jaw, but the lower jaw is made of one bone so technically the expanders used on the lower jaw are not exactly changing any skeletal structure. They are actually “tooth tippers” that are used to tip the teeth laterally, allowing maximum structural expansion on the upper jaw. This way, both upper and lower dental arches are expanded simultaneously.

Another great benefit of this necessary dental procedure is increased airflow through the nasal passages.

Why Expand?

Expansion is a tried and tested method for increasing space in the case of a crowding dental arch. This allows space for already erupted permanent teeth and the ones that will erupt in the future.

It is also great to correct crossbites in young patients with growing structures. And most commonly, expanders are used to create arch forms for that perfect and balanced smile we find aesthetically pleasing. Dr. Bieszki is an expert at transforming “V”-shaped arches into ideally better “U”-shaped arches using expanders.

Types of Expanders?

There are many expanders available in the orthodontic market. From rapid palatal expanders, removable palatal expanders to surgically-assisted palatal expanders, and implant-supported palatal expanders, the options vary for each case. Dr. Bieszki uses the most commonly used type of expansion mechanism by reputable orthodontists in the United States. Each of his custom-designed expanders is time-tested, precise, safe, and easy for the patients.

Check out some of Dr. Bieszki’s Phase-One Expansion Smiles below:

Dr. Bieszki changes “V”-shaped arches to “U”-shaped arches with Expanders

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