Orthodontic elastics (commonly called rubber bands) are used in treatment to detail the bite with full braces or Invisalign® treatment. Dr. Bieszki regularly has patients wear elastics to guide the teeth to settle into their final chewing positions. There are many different patterns of elastics that Dr. Bieszki uses to accomplish his bite correction goals.

Asymmetric Elastics

We will give you an instruction sheet to guide you which hooks to attach the elastics to. It is critical that you make sure you hook up your elastics properly to ensure that your bite will be corrected the way Dr. Bieszki intends.

You should change your elastics every time you brush your teeth. Elastics should be worn 24/7 unless instructed otherwise. Failure to wear elastics as instructed will result in extended treatment time or lack of a full-bite correction. Please see examples of elastics patterns below and how they correct various bite issues.

Class II Overjet Elastics

Class III Elastics

Denta Canine Open-Bite Elastics

Invisalign Underbite Elastics

Invisalign Overbite Elastics


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