Invisalign® Experienced Doctor
in Macomb Township, Shelby Township, and New Baltimore, MI

Did you know that Dr. Bieszki has 10 years of experience in treating hundreds of Invisalign cases in his career? This is significant because Invisalign is still a relatively new product on the market and still in active development.

It has changed significantly over the years to allow a wider case selection and improved outcomes. While any Invisalign Certified Provider may place Invisalign trays in your mouth to straighten your teeth, fabrication and delivery of the trays is actually the easiest part of the process.

In reality, the success of Invisalign treatment relies on appropriate case selection, and as importantly, treatment planning of the case. Dr. Bieszki works with dedicated technicians at Invisalign to control the treatment plan and movements of the teeth actively through the use of Invisalign’s software, not just relying on the company to come up with a plan to straighten your teeth on their own.

Dr. Bieszki relies on his years of advanced orthodontic education and experience in moving teeth with braces whenever he moves teeth with Invisalign. Essentially, instead of moving your teeth with braces chairside, he moves your teeth on the computer with Invisalign software, and then has Invisalign fabricate aligners that execute the movements he has planned for your teeth.

Success in alignment and smile design are still dependent on having the right treatment plan and executing that plan using sound, proven orthodontic biomechanics with clear aligners. When patients choose Dr. Bieszki to perform Invisalign treatment for them, they receive all the experience and expertise of a board-certified orthodontist necessary to achieve the smiles of their dreams!

Check out these Invisalign cases treated by Dr. Bieszki and see the difference that clear aligners can make for your smile.