Payment Options

Our goal is to make having the best orthodontic treatment in our area affordable for the families who seek our services. With that goal in mind, we offer the following payment options to those who qualify.

Payment in Full

The simplest way to pay for orthodontic treatment with Dr. Bieszki is to pay in full at the start of treatment. We accept cash, check, or credit card in the office. We offer a paid-in-full discount for those who choose to pay in full at the start of treatment.

Low Down Payment, 0% Interest In-Office Payment Plans

Our practice is proud to offer 0% interest in-office payment plans for those who qualify. We can generally start most cases with a low down payment, and can stretch the balance owed into monthly payments divided over the course of treatment.

This type of in-office financing is offered to patients interest-free. If you have orthodontic insurance, we deduct the insurance amount from the total case fee and the remaining patient portion is set up for in-office financing in this method of payment.

We can conveniently arrange auto debit of your checking account, savings account, or major credit cards the same day each month at no additional charge. We also offer monthly in-office payment arrangements with email statements sent to the patient each month.  We are proud to finance our patients’ treatment directly in our office with no interest charged to them.

CareCredit Financing Option

We also accept CareCredit for those who would prefer a third-party financing solution to start treatment with no down payment, and extend payments as far as 60 months to lower monthly payments. Please click on the CareCredit logo below to apply for these types of payment options.