Treatment Philosophy
in Macomb Township, MI

A note on treatment philosophy by Dr. Bieszki:

One of the things I love about orthodontics is that every patient I treat is unique. While it is true that every patient presents with a unique malocclusion, they also are unique in personality, lifestyle, and desires in treatment.

With this in mind, no single treatment plan fits everyone. I develop a custom-made treatment plan that addresses both the malocclusion and the individual needs of each patient. I am trained in and offer a wide variety of treatment modalities for my patients. Therefore, when asked my treatment philosophy, I often tell patients that I plan treatment that is optimized to get the best result — both dentally and personally for the patient.

I believe that it is my job as an expert in orthodontics to provide my patients with all the treatment options that are safe and will result in a finish that will meet their expectations. The final decision is theirs to make with my guidance.

My bias is toward conservative treatment, and toward treating cases without the removal of permanent teeth, unless strongly indicated. As recommended by the American Association of Orthodontists, I believe that children should receive an orthodontic evaluation by age 7, to detect any early developing growth problems that may prevent an optimum case result when all of the permanent teeth erupt.

I employ the best orthodontic technology on the market, with the sole goal of making treatment more comfortable and efficient for my patients.

Finally, I believe that while my primary goal is to provide the great smile that you trust me to deliver, I want your orthodontic experience to be enjoyable. I cherish your trust in me, and look forward to your friendship through our mutual goal of getting that great smile that you deserve.


Mark A. Bieszki D.D.S., M.S.